What's on my heart

Glory be unto the Lord, I want every one of you to know and understand that God cares for all of us. Now i know that sounds like a blanket statement, but God doesn't just love all of us, He loves each of us. The Bible tells us that He even knows the number of hairs on our head!! Now if that isn't individual concern, I don't know what is. I want you all to get this into your heads and hearts that God is concerned for you as a seperate and individual person, you must come to Him, you must stand before Him, and you must develop a relationship with Him. Let us all realize our individual relatioship with God and in doing so also see how important it is to spend alone time with Him.

Praise and Worship

First of all I would like to Praise God for being who He is and doing all that He has done for me. If we look honestly into ourselves we will remember from whence we came and where we were going. And we should just praise God that He has given us another new day, a day in which we can invite someone else to find the joy and excitement we have found. To those of you not yet in a serious individual relationship with God, I ask that you stop right now what you are doing, and just think on the things around you. Look at the place where you are, and see how much God as brought you through without you even knowing it. How He has kept you safe and kept you fed and clothed. Oh yes our family provided all that, but did you once even think about the fact that someone down the line had to have the talent to cook or sew. God has given us all talents and we are to use them to His glory. I pray that you who are under the sight of my type, will look inside and see if there is room enough for Jesus. Don't be like the Inn Keeper who didn't have room, make room, take time in your life to worship God alone and in private. Tell Him all your problems and desires and allow Him to speak to you. If you need prayer or want to know more about the salvation of God, ask me here or email me at the bottom of this page and I will be sure to get back with you. This is not my life I live any longer, but it's God's life that He so graciously gave me, and I am charged by God to demonstrate it and teach it to others. Oh won't you let Him in, let Him hear from you? In Jesus' name I ask for His blessings upon you.. Amen.
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Matthew Todd