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This is a Ministry led by Craig Tavani. Craig is a little net shy at the time and also is very busy in his ministry. What you read here is my first attempt at putting up what he wrote to me about his ministry. God Bless. and Read on.

As a theological theatre ministry, someMimics aims at creative Christian discipleship. This unique ministry specializes in liturgical drama and participatory worship. Historically the product of personal participation in various liturgies of worship, liturgical drama is theatre done in service of worship; that is, corporate worship forms the context and informs the content for all drama done. It is the form of any given liturgy that shapes how one goes about incorporating the dynamic of theatre into the course of corporate worship. The ministry of someMimics is intended to teach others various ways to practice responsible acts that may be provoked by the prophetic reading of scripture (I shall discuss prophetic reading in a later post).

As believers come together, they may join one another to imitate Christ. Such co-imitation can be called symmimetic discipleship, a term based on Phillipians 3:17. Symmimetic discipleship enables us to rehearse the behavior of belief. The basic thesis underlying symmimetic discipleship is that the imitation of Christ is implicitly a discipline of acting that is empowered by the Holy Spirit. Since actors essentially are imitators (mime/mimic is rooted in the Greek word mimesis), the dynamics of theatre are useful for understanding what it means to "become imitators of God" (Ephesians 5:1). In fellowship with others gathered to look into the Word of God, we can become followers together of our Lord Jesus Christ as we act and observe others act out an understanding of what scripture calls us to do.

One may object to the term acting in describing discipleship. What I don't mean, of course, is hypocrisy, another word rooted in a Greek word meaning actor. I've presented two papers related to this at meetings of the Society for Pentecostal Studies and continue to do further research. Discussion is welcome as it helps to clarify the concept of symmimetic discipleship and to conform it to orthodox Christian practice.

Cordially in Christ,
Craig Tavani
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